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Ah dammit...

2011-02-27 00:00:14 by Whackmiester

Well, due to losing access to my g-mail, I'm back on this alt with the horrid reputation it has. (Frankly I'm surprised there's not a "Whackmiester" article on ED.)

Well, an important lesson is to be learned here: You cannot escape your reputation. Ever. All I can do now is just try to make a better reputation....

... one day at a time, and all that.

RIP Whackmiester 2004-2011

2011-02-06 15:32:49 by Whackmiester

When I look at this page, all I can think of is the bad reputation it came with. All the STUPID comments, all the sperging, I'm done with it. Seriously, fuck this noise.

Goodbye, Whackmiester. You will not be misssed. You were a misguided, ignorant, hateful, retarded hippy and I'm glad to see you disappear into the mist of time. I wash my hands of you.

I'm back, baby! Wooo!

2008-02-27 13:27:02 by Whackmiester

After four (or was it three?) years I am back... just because I felt like coming back... in my time away I've found Jesus and stopped hating spammers (there's worse out there, and I can't stop 'em, really.) I don't love 'em, but I'm not going to go on a lip-wiggling rampage against every spammer I see anymore.